Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Electro Attractive Commercial ventures’ Wet Drum Separator is a mix of a Drum with interesting lasting magnet course of action and a uniquely planned counter revolution tank, which brings about a unit with execution surpassing that of ordinary separators. Electro Attractive Businesses Drums are furnished with are 915mm breadth and accessible in magnet width from 610mm to 3050mm. the Limit and execution figures given are for the drum in our counter – pivot tank. They are especially suitable for optional obligation, recuperations of more than 60% being acquired with pulps containing under 0.1 g/I attractive. The Wet Drum Separator was created to address the issues of DTMS plant fashioners and administrators, for a unit with expanded limit, enhanced execution, least upkeep and extra parts necessities.

The separator comprises of a Drum with stationary changeless magnet get together, tank and drive unit, all mounted on hearty casing. The Drum is immediate driven by a pole mounted adapted engine unit which kills the upkeep and extra parts connected with chain or belt drives. The Drum shell, end ribs and tank are all produced using 304 evaluation stainless steel. The tank has a full-length weir with movable summit. The measure of flood water and level is controlled by the summit position and hole plates in the undercurrent outlets. The Drum shell can be fitted with a stainless steel wear wrap, then again secured with elastic or polyurethane. The inward surface of the tank can be lined with elastic or polyurethane.

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