Twin Drum Mixer

The Twin Drum blender comprises of twin drums with two counter pivoting rotors and particularly calculated oars. The rotors cover in the focal point of the blender and the oars totally clear the base and blend all the material in the meantime. In zone B the materials have a principle development counter clockwise at the border of the blender. We have the capacity to include fluids at much higher rates than ordinarily conceivable, because of the high molecule development limit and fluidization of the particles.

All the material surfaces are continually being uncovered for most extreme scattering. It is conceivable to include little or a lot of fluid, with high or low thickness to powders, granules or pellets. From our ostensible filling level of 100% varieties from 40% to 140% can be endured with the same impeccable blending results. The blending time may be a few moments longer than ordinary when blending little or substantial clusters.

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