About Us

Advanced Industrial Material Separator (India) Pvt Ltd have more than 8 year experience in the magnetic fields. AIMS has been offering the total solutions of Magnetic Separator.It used in all kinds of Manufacturing & Re-cycling processors . The experience, expertise and exposure that had been acquired over the years has enabled AIMS to diversify into providing Industrial services and offering single source responsibility involving complete Magnetic Separator. AIMS is committed to provide the customer with the highest quality products and services. The AIMS excellence is reflected in the long term relationship of customers satisfaction.

Professional Work

AIMS has a professional work force comprising of highly skilled engineers and competent strongly`. They are involved from the concept to the completion of every project. An in-house software automated design and draft facility complements the team. At AIMS, professionalism is never an abstract or intangible concept but an essential ingredient of every procedure, process and step that we follow. AIMS has been striving from the beginning to blend the right human resources, optimal processes, and right methodologies to make sure that customer gets the best-in-class value and quality.AIMS believe in the adage, “Knowing the job well is a prerequisite for doing it well”. Every staff member who joins AIMS as a fresher or experienced comes in with a great technical knowledge, positive energy and commitment to the profession we belong to. To this pool, AIMS adds job-specific technical training, HR-related development programs and above all a conducive atmosphere for work. Hence, professionalism is not a mere motto of AIMS, but an ingrained characteristic of our approach to the job in hand, the client and primarily the society.

Our Strength

AIMS ask this question at every stage of business execution and define all our actions to match, positively to the spirit of this question. This enables us to offer the best possible solution to our clients. The client- satisfaction helps AIMS to grow from the present level and enter the future with a head start.


AIMS are manufactured at the state of the art plant ,The land area is 1,200 sq. feet & the covered factory area is 1000 sq. feet. Products that are designed and manufactured at the Chennai plant are of highest quality and standards. AIMS is one of the Magnetic Separators manufacturing in India .

Superior Technology

AIMS provides better value for quality to the client through superior technology,At every level, that is, design, manufacture of Magnetic products, erection and integration


International Standardized, well-planning and human resources management help us to deliver the Magnetic Separators product on time.